Well, I'm in Florida. I'm at a lovely little State Park between Gainesville and Jacksonville. I've got very poor signal, so I'll try and post pictures when I get more signal. Tomorrow I arrive at the meet up spot for my kids and Justin's family—in Salt Springs. Everyone else arrives the next day. I hope to have a little time to decorate the camper for Xmas before they arrive. I'm in the middle of nowhere, but realized I forgot to buy wrapping paper along the way. So hopefully I pass a dollar store or Walmart where I can get some! 

I forgot to mention, as I was driving to the park in Georgia, I got stuck behind a big ag wagon. Only instead of the usual Iowa Corn, this one was full of cotton. I realized I've never seen cotton harvested before. After that, on my way leaving the park today, I noticed all sorts of stray cotton bolls stuck in the grass and bushes on the side of the road. 

I really loved driving through the Pecan orchards. They are hauntingly beautiful. And brought back many good memories of living in Tulsa! 

Here's hoping this will send!


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