A Week

I've now been on Sabbatical a week. Mostly it's been a week of catching up with chores and projects I had fallen behind with. It feels good to be catching up a bit! This weekend, my son Peter came over from Manchester, and we had a mixture of chores and lovely food. We made some delicious Irish Soda Bread—it's a great time of year for baking. He also helped me hang my canoes up in the garage. Living alone I mostly have figured out how to manage things on my own, but for some things it sure is great to have help. And I've been really glad for his help this fall with some of these more awkward projects. 
I also started rereading the passages I wrote, the bits that I will weave together into a book. They inspired me to get going, and I took an hour to write. Then I remembered I had tasks to do, and got back to them. 
I've been thinking about this balance of self and ministry, of things that are necessary and things that are nourishing. I think part of the goal of sabbatical for me, is to recalibrate this scale, adjust my habits so these four things balance each other. 
I'm off to do more tasks—as it seems I had put off getting many of them done recently! 



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